Healthcare Science Week 2023

Healthcare Science Week 2023

1 year ago 13 1872

With it being Healthcare Science Week, we thought it would be a good opportunity for us to shine a light on the hard work of our staff and all the effort that went in to moving from the Duncan Building to CSSB on the site of the new Royal Liverpool Hospital.

We spoke to Awtad Hassan, one of our Medical Laboratory Assistant working in clinical trials to find out more about the move and the benefits for patients and staff. Awtad joined us a year ago, so has experienced working in both the Duncan building and CSSB.

“Since moving to CSSB we now have updated analysers and pre analytics in Biochemistry. We use the Roche Cobas 8100 in the CSSB which is more efficient and requires less human intervention in comparison to the MPA (Modular Pre analytics) which was used in the Duncan building.

All the samples loaded are sent to the suitable analysers for testing, and samples that have no outstanding tests are sent automatically to the fridge. If the sample needs to be retrieved it can automatically be done so, rather than manually, which was the case in the Duncan.

Previously in the Duncan building we had three analysers whereas in the CSSB there is four, which allows for more sample testing, therefore increasing our turnaround time for patient results.

With the advanced technology in the new lab, there has been a big change in the turnaround times which are shorter and more efficient. Having all departments working close together allows for better communication/processing, overall providing a quality service for effective patient care.”

It’s great to know that the move is benefitting both patients and staff.

We want to say a huge thank you to all our staff – those involved directly in the move and those supporting from our Aintree and Broadgreen sites!

Awtad Hassan aliquoting and archiving samples