Biomedical Science Day 2023

Biomedical Science Day 2023

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To celebrate Biomedical Science Day 2023, Natalia Carpenter, one of our senior biomedical scientists, shares her journey into Biomedical Science and her role at LCL. Natalia in the Chemistry department at our Aintree lab Hi, I’m Natalia, I work as a senior Biomedical Scientist (BMS) in the Biochemistry department at Liverpool Clinical Laboratories. I am based in the lab on the Aintree Hospital site, where I’ve worked for almost 22 years. Coincidentally, I was actually born on the labour ward on this site when it was known as Fazakerley Hospital. Although I did a Biomedical Science degree at Manchester University, it wasn’t accredited by IBMS, so I applied for a trainee position in Biochemistry, they offered to fund my top up modules which involved one afternoon a week at Manchester Met University. Luckily, there was a job for me after I got my registration (with HCPC’s predecessor, CPSM). I worked

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Healthcare Science Week 2023

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With it being Healthcare Science Week, we thought it would be a good opportunity for us to shine a light on the hard work of our staff and all the effort that went in to moving from the Duncan Building to CSSB on the site of the new Royal Liverpool Hospital.

LCL Lamp Laboratory nomination for the Chief Scientific Officer’s Healthcare Science Awards

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Liverpool Clinical Laboratories recently submitted a nomination for the Chief Scientific Officer’s Healthcare Science Awards for 2021. We are extremely proud of the work that is being carried out every day by our staff in the LAMP laboratory, which is currently the best performing LAMP laboratory in the country, and we feel that this hard work and dedication deserves recognition. The submission included a slide presentation which tells the story of our LAMP Laboratory during the Covid-19 pandemic and was delivered at the Chief Scientific Officers Conference. Click here to find out more about the labs and why we’ve nominated our staff for this award.

Liverpool Clinical laboratories User Survey Report 2020

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In late 2020/early 2021 we circulated an online survey to service users to gain an understanding of how they use our service and their experiences of LCL. Their responses have been collated and we have produced a report evaluating this feedback.

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